Golden Heartbeat's F-Wurf
Joystep`s So SmartInassicas Smart And SecretCh, Goldsand`s TigerShanlimore Falcon
Goldstep Tiger Moth
Inassicas StephanieJanward Dollar
Ch. Friendship Galety Girl Of Inassica
Guess GrettaNunsbrook Dusky WarblerCh. Severy Bartholomew Of Westley
Nunsbrook Just Jazz
Ch. Cheerīs Calendar GirlCh. Okej`s Explosive Symphony
Cheer`s Why Me
Golden Heartbeat`s Charming CayaCh. Inassicas CorianderCh. Cheer`s Way Of The WorldShanlimore Baronet
Cheer`s Nathalie
Inassicas Sea MayweedStenbury Waterwing Shot
Inassicas Chacarelle
Golden Daydream`s Adam`s Daughter AljetteCh. Westley AdamCh. Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood
Westley Rosilla
Ch. Golden Daydream`s Ready For RosillaAmblemere Magician
Golden Daydream`s Elsa